Versailles Grand Parc

Environment campaign

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In 2016, Versailles Grand Parc's Agglomeration Community, regrouping 19 municipalities, gave to Caribara the task to redo its graphic guidelines.

Versailles Grand Parc trusted us again by requesting the creation of poster campaigns about selective sorting and litter clean-up, available in little animated gifs for social medias.


Illustration allows Caribara to communicate on sorting with humor and to get people’s attention on responsible behaviour to have over litter clean-up.

Caribara took the initiative to choose a media that is provocative yet humorous, with a minimalistic graphic style for a better public acceptance. This style also helps to emphasize the transmitter and the subject’s recognition.

By playing around with visual delight and reader’s engagements, those advertising campagns allowed to trigger a larger audience and to respond to the challenges the agglomeration community faces on this topic.