Information Systems Security CAMPAIGN

> Animation, Print

RATP is a state-owned public transport operator headquartered in Paris, France, and operating locally, nationally and worldwide.

Ten years from now, the RATP’s market will be open to competition. In that perspective, cybersecurity has become a major issue for the group. Information is a vital heritage that has to be protected, and the employees need to be aware of the threat posed to the company and therefore to them.

The RATP decided to raise its collaborators' awareness about information systems security issues brought by new and not so new technologies.

Caribara Communication imagined a multichannel awareness campaign to change employees’ habits and to lead them to be more aware when it comes to their daily use of information systems.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can use it for your own organization: www.securite-des-si.com


The campaign was conceived as a TV show, with a launching teaser and a print advertising campaign to announce the different episodes.

We designed a refreshing and colorful world populated by original, likable characters. Each episode follows a script that links personal and professional uses, as professional and personal lives are becoming more and more “connected”.

Goodies were created as well to make the message live beyond the timeframe of the campaign.

The animated episodes are supported by interviews of experts, which allows a more in-depth analysis of each strategic theme.

  • Gold Top/Com Grand, Internal Communication Category -
    Corporate Business 2015
  • Silver Dolphin
    Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2014
  • 2nd Best Internal Communication Action
    2nd Best Communication Action made by a public organization on a specific theme
    Trophées de la Communication 2014