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Cooperative wine cellar fonded in 1928 and located in Caromb, Vaucluse, Vignobles Saint-Marc offers quality wine that captures the excellency and plurality of its terroirs.

Caribara Communication helped Vignobles Saint-Marc redo its e-commerce site and digital marketing strategy, giving them the ressources needed to increase their online sells.

For this mission, we collaborated with Ex-Algebra (website developpement) and Fusain Freesia (e-commerce strategic coaching).



Caribara Communication imagined an ergonomical interface centered around user satisfaction, when the client is closely followed from start to finish. Thus justifying the implementation of features such as : Customer Center, cross-selling modules and customisable cases of wine…

Design-wise, we had opted for a subtle mix of modern touchs and tradition updates, as well as a color scheme that stays true to Vignobles Saint-Marc’s brand identity. This gives the visitors an insight of what’s on their glasses !