Panorama 2017

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Sonepar is the world's leading provider of electrical equipment and related services for professionals. 

With a turnover of roughly 21,6 billion euros in 2017, 44 500 collaborators and an international presence, Sonepar is one of the most profitable French companies. 

For the seventh year in a row, Sonepar trusted us once again by asking us to create its annual documents, namely the Panorama, showing the group's activity in a year. 


In 2017, we decided to divide the Panorama into two parts, thus offering a new read direction : 

- Facts; introducing the group and all the information related to management, governance and family shareholding. 

- Actions, showcasing all the different jobs, in the company, the current year's leading projects and the clients, giving it a more humain approach. 

The visual proposal of this 2017 edition highlihts Sonepar's diversity and richness. 

The dynamic and colorful graphic line also helps showcasing the company's unique personality as well as its global reach.